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  1. Hey, HappyTeddy got a Thread open at Trusted Sellers Section where he offers Netflix Accs for 5€ for 1 Year. I bought it for 5€ and he told me before that his Method is not working atm so he will just give me a bunch of Accounts and if none of them is working anymore ,he will give me a bunch of new ones. As far as good,he gave me the first bunch of Accounts but none of them worked,I told him that no one worked and he gave me directly a bunch of new one but again the same problem. it have been taken over a day that he gave me new ones that worked , but 5 Minutes again the same they were not working anymore. When i contacted him again he just said its my fault and its working for everyone else. I just asked where would it be my fault that he cant give me working Accounts. He did not answered a whole day until i said that it will open a scam report then he said the same again that this is all my fault and i said that this is just stupid because i did not changed anything one the accounts and he responded that he wont care and dont wanna give me new Accounts. I can proove this with Screens if anybody wants a proof. Just saying that this kind of people should not be under the Section "trusted sellers" ÂÂ