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  1. Very good very good news the activity in the diamond and gold sections are apparently come back ? special thanks to : chris123, The Boss
  2. hi this forum is dying? no more new subject for diamond and gold for several months it's a shame
  3. @Merry Christmas all I hope Santa Claus will bring us a new momentum because it is a little sad more activity in Zone Vip and Emrald for a long time!
  4. il n'y a pas d'activité depuis longtemps dans la zone Vip et Emeraude, que se passe-t-il c'est dommage ce forum a été un très grand et beau forum maintenant il est très malade! I highly recommend all the happiness is there! very good!
  5. hi pls give me account NORDVPN. Thank you

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  12. Congratulations !!!! For several weeks I began to believe that there would be no activity in the gold and diamand area because the posts are really rare thank you to all those who support and animate these sections I sincerely hope that the post will resume in an active I sincerely hope that the post will resume in an active and more regular way because because I seriously start to worry to be continued .....
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