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  1. Antidetect 7.3 Full with 4000 Configs
  2. Forex [Advanced Russian Bank Software] for SALE + DEMO by:[Moscow Team] -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+--+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+--+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Some months ago, we [Moscow Team] stole a software from the Russian Bank Central servers that bank traders use for trading EUR/USD currency though intranet terminals! The price of software is 8K ($ USD 8,000) and it comes with the guide and further support. The market price of the software is way bigger but our goal is to mass sell it on the deepweb. We will give an DEMO version for everyone who likes to see how the software works. But, you can only use it once on a machine then it will ask for an Unlock Code which we will provide after you pay the price of the software With the DEMO version you can use only 1 canal of the tracker which means if you send a transaction that is way to big it will stuck on the network forever and not pass. Enter Up/Low levels and get the price where you should buy/sell the currency. SL is not used because of the 97% accuracy. DOWNLOAD HERE